How can I grow sprouts?

November 20, 2019

Urban Plant Growers Speedy Sprouter sprouting jar sprouts

Sprouts are seedlings of larger plants which are harvested before they have their first set of "true leaves". They are highly nutritious, incredibly flavoursome and super versatile vegetables that can be used in a variety of dishes. Better yet, they are rapid growers, making them perfect for even the most time-poor plant grower! 

You can grow your own sprouts with our very own Speedy Sprouter, using seeds from here. Alternatively, you could DIY and make your own sprouting jar in the manner recommended here. Once you have all that set up, simply follow the instructions below to get going!

  1. Add seeds to your Speedy Sprouter
  2. Rinse your new seeds in water to clean them
  3. Drain water out
  4. Submerse seeds in warm water at a 1:4 ratio of seeds to water
  5. Let your seeds soak overnight
  6. Turn your Speedy Sprouter upside down and allow it to drain for 8 hours in a cool shaded place
  7. Rinse your seeds and drain again for another 8 hours
  8. Repeat step 7 until your sprouts have grown to an adequate size
  9. Sprouts can be placed in sunlight on their final day of growth to develop their flavour and provide a richer, greener colour.

If that was too much for you, here is a quick video that explains it all.

Make sure to clean your jar thoroughly between crops, and always look up sprouting seed specifications as some sprout seeds can be chemically treated, and others can be poisonous if not cooked before eating.

Have a crack and let us know how you go! As always, you will get better with practice, but feel free to email us or contact us through social media if you need any help with anything!

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