Advanced Growing Technique - The PERFECT nutrient dosing schedule

March 28, 2019 1 Comment

Advanced Growing Technique - The PERFECT nutrient dosing schedule

As your plant grows, they will need different quantities of nutrients to optimise their growth. This varies between plants, but a good schedule can be seen in the table below. The Table outlines how many scoops (standard spoon or sachet provided by EA) of nutrient you should add to a plant during a plants different growth phases. Note that our have a volume of 0.5mL.
The type of nutrient is separated into "Growth" and "Fruiting". Growth should be used the whole duration of growth for something like a leafy green or herb. Fruiting should be used once flower buds appear on plants that bear fruit/veg and require higher levels of phosphate for growth.


Growth Fruiting
Seedling  Early Growth Late Growth Transition Early Bloom Mid Bloom Late bloom Ripen Finish
Indoor Smart Garden Growth 1 3 4 3 - - - - -
Bloom - - - 1 4 4 4 1 0
XL Indoor Smart Garden Growth 9 17 26 17 - - - - -
Bloom - - - 9 26 26 26 9 0
EcoKitchen Growth 8 16 24 16 - - - - -
Bloom - - - 8 24 24 24 8 0


    The various stages of growth are defined as follows;

  • Seedling - First stage of growth, defined by a single set of "baby" leaves.
  • Early Growth - First set of "True" leaves.  
  • Late Growth - Multiple sets of true leaves
  • Transition - Buds begin to develop
  • Early Bloom - First Flowers bloom
  • Mid Bloom - Most flowers are open
  • Late Bloom - Multiple fruits growing
  • Ripening - Most fruits are a developed
  • Finish - A few days pre-harvest

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