XL Indoor Smart Garden


Utilise the benefits of hydroponics and LED grow lights to grow food cleanly and efficiently in the comfort of your own home. This super water efficient smart garden minimises the amount of maintenance required to grow plants. It features a physical water level indicator, and an electronic re-fill alarm which provide automatic notifications for you to re-water your plants.

Furthermore, hydroponics produces higher crop yields and faster growth rates due to the unique nutrient solution that give plants the perfect blend of micro and macro nutrients required for growth.

With just 2 minutes of fastening in screws, you can setup your smart garden and be enjoying the taste of freshly harvested food in no time!


  • Large 7L Water reservoir with a physical water level indicator AND an electrical sensor.
  • Powerful LED grow lights with dimmable control and adjustable height. Aluminium light frame provides a large area to cool the lights, ensuring maximum efficiency.
  • Durable metal light frame ensures long term use
  • Built in light timer with both 16 hours on / 8 hours off and 12 hours on / 12 hours off functions.
  • Three growing modules so that you can grow more variety with just one garden.
  • Circulation pump to oxygenate and circulate water and nutrients.
  • Comes with adaptor.


  • Nutrients - the system comes with a 2.5g sachet. It is highly recommended that users purchase a jar which would last significantly longer. Each time you replace water, add 2 scoops/2 nutrient sachets to the water.
  • Note - Product does not come with grown plants as seen in the picture above. To see our range of seeds, click here. Seeds and Nutrients not sold with international shipments.

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