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MicroGreen Grow Kit

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Grow microgreens in 1-2 weeks and enjoy the taste of fresh food grown in the convenience of your kitchen! This MicroGreen Grow Kit produces microgreens so quickly that you can see the change in growth with each passing day. It's a great way to produce a large amount of incredibly nutritious food in a small amount of time!

Why Microgreens?

Microgreens grow in 1-2 weeks, they're the easiest type of plant to grow, they don't require any nutrients, and they contain up to 10x more nutrients per gram than their fully grown counterparts (i.e. a pea sprout will be more nutritious than a pea)!

How does it work?

The embodied energy in a seed provides it with enough oomph to get it sprouting and putting out roots. This means that you can grow leaf/sprout mass without using any soil or nutrients at all! By growing on a mat - we are able to provide a medium for the roots to grow through, as well as a surface which keeps the seeds just moist enough for them to continue growing.


  • The tray can be re-used repeatedly.
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Fast growth time - harvest in less than 3 weeks!
  • Microgreens are highly nutritious - some having 10x more nutrients per gram than their fully-grown counterparts.
  • Versatile vegetables that can be used in a variety of dishes.
  • A fun experiment for kids to learn how things grow.
  • Incredibly short farm to table time.
What's In The Box?
  • 4x Rockwool mats - 25X20cm
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2x Green Microgreen Tray (34cm x 26cm)
  • 2x Inner Mesh Tray (34cm x 26cm)
  • 50mL Aluminium Spray Bottle
  • + Seed/s of your choice if opted/selected seperately

Note: Only use seeds that have not been chemically treated (all of our sprout seeds are not chemically treated), some sprouts need to be cooked before eating. Check seed pages for seed-specific instructions before growing. The product does not come with grown plants as seen in the picture above. Seeds are not sold with international shipments.

  1. Soak rockwool mats in water for 30 minutes
  2. If your seeds are larger than a grain of rice, soak them in water overnight.
  3. Place a single rockwool mat on the white inner tray
  4. Scatter seeds evenly over the top of the mat. This step takes a bit of practice to judge how to space them perfectly. You want them to be packed densely enough to support each other as they grow, but not so close that they don't have good airflow over them and end up getting mouldy.
  5. Spray gently with water
  6. You can stack trays on top of each other, repeat steps 3-5 with up to 5 additional trays (the weight of the trays presses the seeds down and forces their roots to grow downwards into the mat).
  7. Spray each layer of seeds with water daily.
  8. When seeds have sprouts that are ~3cm long - unstack the trays and place each tray flat and uncovered so that they can grow upward.
  9. Place plants in sunlight in the final two daysto develop their flavour and provide a richer, greener colour.
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    Urban Plant Growers MicroGreen Grow Kit Review

    Quick and easy microgreens

    I purchased the kit as a beginner to microgreens. I’m pleased with how easy the kit is to use and have enjoyed growing a variety of microgreens to try. Little bit if trial error to work out how many seeds to add.

    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers MicroGreen Grow Kit Review

    Microgreen Grow Kit

    We love the kit - easy to use and greens grow quickly. Trays are sturdy enough, prefer the coconut fiber mats rather than the crushed rock - grew better micro greens.

    Chris B.
    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers MicroGreen Grow Kit Review

    Really good microgreen starter kit

    I use these kits to grow my very favorite snow pea greens together with the grow lights once they shoot up about 10cm or so. I tried broccoli sprouts too, and they work very nicely. The coconut matt works really great, no mess no fuss, so I ordered the matts separately. If you like sprouts and snow pea greens, try this kit.

    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers MicroGreen Grow Kit Review

    Micro green fun

    Successful, needed more research. Trays are very light, need a large surface weight to ensure microgreens growth is strong

    Michelle J.
    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers MicroGreen Grow Kit Review

    Great Little Trays

    Trays are perfect for growing microgreens. I now have a constant supply of pea shoots and sunflower shoots on my kitchen windowsill. I have had more success sprouting seeds in a jar for a few days, rinsing 2 or 3 times a day, then placing them directly on the trays without the coconut mat. Pea shoots are 6-8" tall in a week.

    Evelyn H.
    Australia Australia

    Great Products

    The products a great for growing fresh sprouts and microgreen Purchased the products to save money but also concious of eating healthier

    Vanessa S.
    Australia Australia

    Very Happy

    Good communication and microgreen trays are easy to use. I have had good success. Ongoing use of the fibre grow mats would be expensive but there are successful alternatives.

    Kerry W.
    Australia Australia

    MicroGreen Grow Kit

    Delivery of item was great, instructions perfect and very easy to use and grow my microgreens.

    Astrid G.
    Australia Australia

    Microgreen Grow Kit

    I put seeds for herbs on the mat , which was not very successful. I need to know which seeds work better for microgreen planting.

    Juanita A.
    Australia Australia

    Love my microgreens

    This tray is absolutely perfect for growing my micro greens. I also get to share them with my Indian ring neck parrot Zelda who loves them as much as I do.

    Debb A.
    Australia Australia

    Urban Plant Growers

    Also happy to hear that Zelda is enjoying those microgreens! Thanks again, Charlotte


    Micro Green grow kit

    First time I tried this. My first tray was broccoli sprouts. It worked well. Second one mungbeans, not sure about that. Understand you can stack the two trays but than you do not have a lit to put on the top tray for first few days. So very new to this , but not sure if you do need to have it. Happy with my first results and keep experimenting.

    Kirsten R.
    Australia Australia

    Great Kit!

    This is a great way to grow microgreens! I've used this a few times since I've bought it and it has produced more than enough greens for my meals very quickly.

    Sam G.
    Australia Australia