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Hydroponic Growth Module

$80.00 AUD

The Hydroponic Growth Module has been a staple of the Urban Plant Growers range for years, being used in both the EcoKitchen and the Family Farm smart gardens. The module is a water reservoir with a 7L capacity, and HDPE construction. The design prevents light from reaching the nutrient-rich water - limiting the growth of algae in the basin, and leading to healthier and faster growing plants.
  • 7 Litre water reservoir
  • 12x net cups
  • 12x Rockwool cubes
  • 1 Packet of Basil Seeds
  • 1 Packet of Dill Seeds


  1. Connect basin lid to the base
  2. Insert net cups into slots in basin lid.
  3. Soak rockwool in water for 5 minutes.
  4. Cut rockwool with scissors
  5. Place rockwool cubes in net cups
  6. Add 2-5 seeds per cube - ensure all seeds are wet as this will activate the seeds
  7. After the seeds have sprouted and have formed their first few leaves, add 1 scoop of nutrients to the water and mix thoroughly to ensure it all dissolves.
  8. Add 1 scoop of nutrients per litre added from that point forward.


  • To reduce algae growth on rockwool, try to limit contact between rockwool and water.
  • High temperature water may cause stress in plant roots.

Not Included

  • PumpĀ 
  • Nutrients