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Self Watering Pot - Round 23cm

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Combo Kit Growth Medium
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The Maxipot is a mess-free hydroponic growing pot that uses up to 90% less water than conventional soil pots. This means that you spend far less time watering your plants every time they dry up, freeing you up to leave your plants unattended for significant periods of time.

By growing hydroponically you have the ability to use Hydroponic nutrients to provide the perfect blend of macro and micronutrients for plant growth. The pots can be used in conjunction with our EasyGro and BreezyGro lights to form a complete growing system that can be done completely indoors.

You can choose to buy this product with Smart Soil or Expanded Clay

Growing Mediums

Growing Mediums

Smart Soil

Smart soil can be used for germinating and growing plants from seed, or transplanting propagated plants. It’s main features are:
  • High water retention
  • Low Oxygen retention
  • Moderate physical support for plants

Expanded clay

Expanded clay does not hold any water, so if you plant seeds on it they won't grow. Expanded clay is awesome for growing plants that already have an existing root system - making it a great medium for propagations and transplants. It’s main features are:
  • Low water retention
  • Moderate Oxygen retention
  • High physical support for plants


The Maxipot has an internal and external pot. The internal pot holds the growing medium, while the external pot allows for water storage without flooding your plants.

Growing in Smart Soil

  1. Fill the Maxipot with smart soil.
  2. Add water until the water level indicator is 1cm from its maximum position.
  3. Add seeds and bury them as per seed specifications (read seed sachet). Sprinkle water over the top to activate the seeds.
  4. Place pot in an appropriate place (Under a grow light, or in the sun).
  5. Refill water when the indicator gets low. Add 1 scoop of nutrients per 1L of water and make sure to mix it in until its dissolved. Don't overfill water.

Growing in Expanded Clay

  1. Add a thin layer of expanded clay to the bottom of your pot.
  2. Place plant roots over the expanded clay, and add expanded clay around the plant to hold it in place.
  3. Mix 1 spoon of nutrients with 1L of water and add the solution to the pot until the water level indicator is 1cm from its maximum position.
  4. Place pot in an appropriate place (Under a grow light, or in the sun).
  5. Refill water when the indicator shows low water levels. Add 1 scoop of nutrients per 1L of water and make sure to mix it in until its dissolved. Don't overfill water.


  • Height (cm): 20
  • Length (cm): 23
  • Width (cm): 23
  • Volume (mL): 4430
  • Shape: Round
  • Water level Indicator: Yes

What's in the box?

Smart Soil/Expanded Clay option

  • Maxipot inner and outer pot
  • 200mL Hydroponic nutrients for indoor plants
  • 5L Smart Soil or 5L Expanded Clay (depending on which variant you purchase)
  • Water level Indicator
  • Instructions

Non combo kit option

  • Maxipot inner and outer pot
  • Water level Indicator
  • Instructions


How do you assemble the water level indicator?

    • Insert the thin white tube into the small foam cylinder.
    • Connect the large grey tube to the transparent cap with water level markings
    • Insert part from step one into the part from step 2 so that the foam piece is on the open end of the cylinder and the white tube is at the end with the transparent cap
    • Add black end cap with the small holes to the end of the grey tube.
    • Insert completed apparatus into the HydroPot with the black end at the bottom, and the transparent cylinder at the top.
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    Great hydro pot

    I have several of these now with expanded clay and plants are doing well. No longer losing plants from overwatering in soil.

    Sonja W.

    Round pot

    These pots fit in and look good wherever you set them up in your house and the water level is just so handy.

    Holly M.
    Australia Australia

    The best pot for a forgetful person

    Definitely the best purchase I have ever made. I'm extremely forgetful when it comes to watering my plants, so this was the best solution, and my plants have never been happier

    Kirby M.
    Australia Australia

    Great product

    Have purchased a couple of the hydro pots but have only just begun transferring my indoor plants from soil into these with expanded clay. So far they are adjusting well. Will be purchasing more.

    Australia Australia

    Unbelievable service

    The staff are amazing to deal with and the products are great. I don’t use the Hydroponic pots for indoor herbs and foods, I use them for indoor ferns and African Violets. Works great!

    Adam K.
    Australia Australia

    Easy growing.

    I love the maxi pot. I’m growing a cucumber in it, with expanded clay. So far so good. A critter kept eating plant after plant in my garden so I thought I’d grow one inside. Urban garden Hydroponics are so easy. Very efficient. Nice looking pot. The only critters who will be eating these cucumbers is us!


    Urban Plant Growers

    Thank you for the lovely feedback, Berlinda on our Hydroponic Maxipot. We strive to create more products that you will surely love and enjoy. Honest reviews matter and it would really make a huge difference to our startup! Have a lovely day!


    Good stuff

    The maxipot combo is a nice easy way to start growing plants. I think the smart soil is vermiculite mostly, it has interesting qualities as a soil replacement. My Spinach seeds germinated well on the first try and in a couple of months hope to have something nice to eat.