The HydroPot Series


The HydroPot Series is an innovative and truly unique growing system that has never been sold before in Australia. It allows ordinary people to grow their own plants with ease in the comfort of their own home. 

Why the Hydropot?

Water efficiency is significantly greater than soil based agriculture - meaning you can preserve earth's most precious resource. Furthermore this massively reduces the frequency that you need to water your plants

Hydroponic nutrients provide the perfect blend of macro and micro nutrients for plant growth.

Water level indicator shows you when you need to refill your pot

Self contained units result in a mess free system that is perfect for indoor use

Can be used in conjunction with our EasyGro and BreezyGro lights to form a complete growing  system.

Can be used to germinate seeds, and grow flowers, herbs, vegetables and succulents.

Our Urban Plant Growers Smart Soil promotes even distribution of moisture through the medium - resulting in a more even distribution of roots. This optimises conditions, facilitating healthy plant growth.

Sleek lines and vibrant colors are sure to compliment any home

A drainage plug at the bottom of the pot allows you to change between indoor and outdoor mode (Plug open = outdoor growing).

How to get growing:

The HydroPot has an internal and external pot. The internal pot holds the smart soil, while the external pot allows for water storage without flooding your plants.

    1. Fill the Hydropot outer pot with water until it is half full.
    2. Fill up Hydropot inner pot with Smart Soil
    3. Add seeds and bury them as per seed specifications.
    4. Place pot in an appropriate place (Under an EasyGro/BreezyGro light, or in the sun).

What is this smart soil all about?

Smart soil soaks up and evenly distributes water and nutrients throughout itself. The outcome is a drained yet moist growing medium that facilitates healthy root growth through promoting multi-directional root propagation. 


Micro-Cube Maxi-Cube Mini-Pot Maxi-Pot Mega-Pot
Height (cm) 10 13 18 22 18.3
Length (cm) 10 13 18 22 40
Width (cm) 9 13 17 20 15
Volume (mL) 430 950 2640 4490 4850
Weight (g) 100 250 332
Shape Square Square Circular Circular Oblong
Water level Indicator No Yes No Yes Yes

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