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Experience the magic of Grow Lights as you discover their amazing features & find the perfect light for your home!

Grow Light handheld controls

built in timer

The light comes with a built-in timer that allows it to be turned on for 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, or indefinitely.

Custom light settings, red hydroponic led light growing indoor plants

custom light settings

The lamps themselves can switch between 5 light intensity levels to suit exactly what your plants need. Our Partial Spectrum lights also switch between blue light, red light, and a combination of both (purple).

Clamp clip and flexible neck on grow lights

adaptable to fit your space

Our LED lights can be attached to tables and surfaces with the easy to use clip. The flexible neck allows for a versatile range of layouts for all your soil and hydroponic plants.

Best features of purple hydroponic led light growing indoor plants in kitchen

Best features!

Check out our Grow Lights in action and take a closer look at some of our product's best features!

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How it works

Our indoor Grow Lights have a robust metal design and quality Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that emit the full spectrum or segments of the light spectrum that are crucial in aiding a plant's growth. Our Partial Spectrum lights emit primarily the blue and red wavelengths as blue light stimulates the formation of chlorophyll (crucial in the process of plant photosynthesis which aids healthy leaf and stem growth), and red light promotes germination, root growth, and bulb development. The outcome is an efficient light that provides only the wavelengths that your plant needs to grow!

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Light spectrum of blue and red wavelengths of light used in grow lights

All the help your plants need

1 year warranty on all electronics

1 Year Warranty

All of our electronics are covered by our 1 year manufacturer's warranty and if for whatever reason you change your mind, you can return it within 30 days of purchase as per our refund policy.

trusted australian company

Trusted Australian company with 3 years in the Industry

Urban Plant Growers has grown a substantial community of plant lovers in homes and businesses in Australia & around the globe, cultivating thriving indoor plants with the help of our products.

fast postage australia wide

Fast Postage Australia Wide

Our Sydney warehouse team works swiftly and carefully to pack your domestic & international orders and send them out to you as quickly as possible. Check out this page for typical postage times.

helpful customer service

Helpful customer service

We are here to help you whenever questions arise. Our FAQ section below is full of helpful answers but if you can't find what you are after, just let us know by messaging our Chatbot, calling +61 2 7908 2951 or contacting us at

coin sold

Over 5000 sold!

With so many grow lights already sold, we are confident that you will love your new LED light as much as the rest of our community does!

Five Star ratings

We love our grow lights, and it's clear that our customers love them too! With five star ratings and reviews of their experiences, what's stopping you from getting your hands on your own?! Check out just a couple of the many great reviews below... 


Highly Recommend!

"I love this product! I didnt know what to expect, but I am impressed! I am using this light for my indoor orchid collection, and they are absolutely loving it. Its wonderful to be able to select just the right amount of light for the right amount of time, and being on an automatic daily timer means it really is set and forget. Definitely give this product a go."

Lauren - EasyGro

Perfect For Beginners

"I am a new plant grower. I live in a place that doesn't get much sun, and after searching, I found this I bought from a local shop that sourced this light from this site, and my plants are thriving! My plants normally die, but this is helping so much. They are small and are able to fit in corner or lower spaces easily. The lights are gorgeous colou, and it is customisable without being confusing. I would highly recommend!!"

Zoe - BreezyGro

Well Worth the price

"For someone that has had some very leggy, spindly seedlings growing in the garden bed and in pots outdoors, this is an absolute lifesaver. I’ve got a bunch of winter crops growing in there and they’re looking much better than any other seedling i’ve had. The timer is an amazing feature which means it’s literally set and forget. I set up a wicking system alongside this light and I basically have seedlings that grow themselves! I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to give their seeds a good start. Thanks UPG!"

Elias - BreezyGro

Love this light!

"I wanted to give LED lights a chance and decided on this to start out. I also purchased the coriander seeds from here. In less than 2 weeks I can truly say the product works and gives a significant advantage in that you are able to control the brightness and the duration of the light. I love the light so so much and highly recommend if you are thinking about purchasing LED lights for plant growth. Also, I didn't think I'd be a fan of the clip on feature as I thought it would be flimsy but it's actually super sturdy so don't let that deter you."

Emily - EasyGro

Great Grow Light

"I have two of the ones with the three light heads and I love them. The plants love them too. I have noticed a difference in my plants since using these over the past month; with the plants I've had in darker corners the past few years pushing out noticeably more growth this grow season with the aid of the grow lights. The timer is exceptionally helpful and I can just 'set and forget' them and they'll turn on at the same time each day. They run in my house on the 12 hour timer and they don't get hot. Also, purely from an aesthetic point of view, the white light is much nicer than the purple light put off by other grow lights available. They're definitely worth the investment!"

Kizza R - HydroGlow (3 Light)

Great Product

"The lamp is a fantastic product, thanks a lot! My plants love it, I'm currently growing Basil, Parsley and Thai Basil using the lights and my plants are very happy :) I'm thinking of expanding my indoor growing and getting a second lamp."

Paul R - BreezyGro

Let's find your PERFECT glow

What are the differences?

Purple or White light

Partial Spectrum Lights

These super efficient lights provide only the wavelengths that your plant needs to grow! These are found primarily in the blue & red wavelengths of light. Combining these colours creates the warm purple glow.

purple hydroponic led light growing indoor plants in apartment
white full spectrum hydroponic lights growing plants indoors

Full Spectrum 

In addition to the red & blue wavelengths of light which are crucial for plant growth, these grow lights have other wavelengths added to the mix  - which result in a neutral white light. They are slightly brighter to the visible eye.

Tube light or replaceable light

Tube Lights

Our classic slim and streamline tube light design will wow you with its brilliant glow. Its light will reach plenty of plants whilst being
 non-obtrusive to the eye.

This tube light is also used on our Partial Spectrum (purple) lights.

flexible arm tube hydroponic lights growing plants indoors
white full spectrum hydroponic lights growing plants indoors replaceable bulbs

Replaceable Bulbs

Introducing our new option of replaceable bulbs. This design takes on a more tradition lamp shape with the ability to replace the bulbs if needed over time. These bulbs direct the brilliant full spectrum glow more specifically to the angle you set them. 


Take the quiz to find the light that's perfect for you

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Man setting up flexible tube light hydroponic grow lights red setting

Set it up!

Watch this helpful set up video to learn how to make the most of these fantastic lights

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HydroGlow LED Grow Light
HydroGlow LED Grow Light
Full Spectrum LED Grow Light-Home Garden-Urban Plant Growers-
HydroGlow LED Grow Light
HydroGlow LED Grow Light

HydroGlow LED Grow Light

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
BreezyGro LED Grow Light-Home Garden-Urban Plant Growers-

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

BreezyGro LED Grow Light-Home Garden-Urban Plant Growers-
BreezyGro LED Grow Light-Home Garden-Urban Plant Growers-
BreezyGro LED Grow Light-Home Garden-Urban Plant Growers-
BreezyGro LED Grow Light-Home Garden-Urban Plant Growers-
Red/Blue LED Grow Light
BreezyGro LED Grow Light-Home Garden-Urban Plant Growers-

Red/Blue LED Grow Light



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