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Hydroponic farms for offices, cafes, restaurants and more!

Enjoy a constant supply of fresh herbs, leafy & micro-greens! Fully setup and maintained by our friendly team of urban farmers.

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We bring the green to you! Tap on your use-case below:

  • Entice Staff back to the office: Reduce pushback on returning to the office by offering fresh salad in the office along with your flexible arrangements and tangible perks. 

    Fresh, nutritious lunch options: Your staff will have a constant supply of fresh, nutritious ingredients for their meals, improving their overall health and wellness.

    Team-building activity: The garden can serve as a unique team-building activity, helping to boost morale and improve team cohesion.

    Attraction and retention tool: The garden can serve as a unique attraction and retention tool, helping you to attract and retain top talent. Set your company apart in your job ads.

    Improved productivity: Research has shown that access to natural green environments can improve mental clarity and focus, leading to improved productivity.

    Corporate social responsibility: By growing your own food, you'll be able to reduce the amount of water, number of food miles and plastic usage associated with traditional food production and transportation, contributing to corporate social responsibility goals.

    Increased employee satisfaction: Your employees will appreciate the efforts you make to improve their health and well-being, leading to increased satisfaction and happiness at work.

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Ditch the vending machine, embrace the microgreen

Microgreens are a great source of antioxidants and are rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper.

Their nutrient content is concentrated, which means that they contain up to nine times the vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels than the same quantity of mature greens.

Eating microgreens can reduce the risk of heart disease, alzheimers, diabetes and certain cancers. They also taste great!

Microgreens grow in just 7 days!

72 plant free-standing, portable unit. Powder coated metal

30-minute initial set-up with seeds, nutrients and growing mediums

Onboarding session with the team

Dedicated maintenance staff, visits as required for seedling top-ups

Quarterly reset bundles

QR replacement seed ordering

QR recipe ideas, scan and get all your lunch ideas sorted

Free salad dressings for your whole team

Unique team building recipe idea workshops

On average harvest up to:

14 supermarket servings of Cos Lettuce per week

24 supermarket servings of Basil per week

18 supermarket servings of Coriander per week

14 supermarket servings of Dill per week

32 extra-large assorted Microgreens punnets per week

Get started for as little as $200/week, with a month free trial!

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