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Urban Forager - Servicing

Vertical farming in cities is the future of agriculture. We strive to empower everyone to grow their own food and want to bring vertical farming technologies to the office.

Through connecting people to food, we can play an active role in keeping your staff healthy and happy. 

We will setup and maintain the Urban Forager unit in your office for a weekly fee. Your staff will be able to take as much food as they want from the unit and our team will replenish the plants. 


We'll keep the plants alive, so that you can help your office thrive!

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Fresh food for everyone!

The Urban Forager uses vertical farming to enable you to grow 72 plants at a time within a small amount of space!

Person adding fresh basil to a grazing platter with herb garden in background

Choose from our wide range of edible plants

Your team can vote on which plants they want the most! We'll grow it in our office, and bring them over to you!

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14 Day Free Trial

We want to make sure you're satisfied, which is why you can try out a unit in your office - with no obligations to keep it, and no lock in contracts!

Man harvesting herbs from vertical hydroponic herb garden


Our team of Urban Farmers will maintain the unit and swap out plants to make sure your team has the freshest greens available, right at their fingertips.

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Installation will include:

  • Assembly of Urban Forager unit with pre-germinated seedlings
  • Onboarding demonstration for staff engagement and education


As a living system, the setup will require maintenance. Urban Plant Growers provide the services below with all servicing agreements:

  • Nutrient re-cycling & water quality checks.
  • Upkeep of back of house growing unit, requiring the same quality of work as the office unit to ensure there is always a supply of plants available for the office display unit.
  • Cleaning of Oxygen pumps, Water reservoirs and the Product frame.

Bring life into your office space!

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