Tips and Tricks

Your smart garden should work completely fine on it's own, but for the best results, here are some of our favorite tips and tricks!

Refill water after the FIRST 3 weeks

Yes your smart garden will warn you to refill it when the water level gets low, but when your plants are just starting off their roots may be too small to get the amount of water they need from the growing medium itself. Refill after 3 weeks to boost your plant growth in its early stages.


Look up some plant specifications online

Our smart gardens take out most of the variables involved in growing your own plants. There are however way you can OPTIMISE! All plants have different needs, so check a website like this one to find out some key specs on what you're growing. Look for key information such as ideal growing temperature and planting depth, and then try to match those conditions.

For example:

The image below shows some relevant conditions for growing basil.

To facilitate optimal growth of my new basil plant, I would a) plant them 3x the diameter of their seed, and b) put them in one of the warmer rooms in my house.


More coming soon...