Handmade Clay Pots - Xanthe

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Size Small

These stunning hand turned clay pots are incredible examples of how the synergy between local artists and local startups can merge the beauty of iron rich stoneware (or Ironstone) with the technology and functionality of emerging technologies such as Hydroponics . Designed to be both functional and beautiful, this hydroponic pot uses the Deep Water Culture (DWC) method of hydroponic growing to allow ordinary people to grow their plants with ease in the comfort of their own home!

With its modern white gloss glaze and drip effect, this product is the perfect fit for any modern home! This product comes with a net cup and rockwool cube to enable hydroponic growth! Furthermore it is packed with it.

About the Artist:
Xanthe Murphy is an emerging designer who is currently a second-year ceramic associate at JamFactory. She graduated in 2018 from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Design (Honours). Whilst at university she also spent 6 months studying product design at Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
Her multidisciplinary training in ceramics, textiles and object design has given her a uniquely diverse practice. Xanthe’s work is centred around the question of how to be a sustainable designer in times of mass consumerism, creating work that walks the line between decorative and functional, her ethos being to promote longevity.


Size Large Small
Height 100 mm 110 mm
Diameter 170 mm 90 mm
Volume 1100 mL 400 mL
Colour Warm white gloss glaze with drip effect and subtle speckle
Type of Clay Iron rich stoneware


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