Coriander Seeds

Coriander is a highly versatile herb with aromatic bright green leaves and stems, perfect for use fresh in salads or cooked in soups, stews and rice dishes. Grow these herbs hydroponically in your indoor grows kits to save time, water, and stress!

These seeds like to be slightly buried and often start off growing super slowly, however about a week and a half after planting they’ll begin to shoot up! Though these young leaves look mature, don’t pick them yet, the plant needs a little time to mature before you can start using it!

Harvesting; once your plants are about 10cm tall you can begin to harvest them! Pick the leaves and stems continually to promote new growth and dissuade bolting (The plant will begin to grow seeds if you don’t use it enough!)

Coriander compliments almost everything so don’t be afraid to try adding it to your favourite recipes! Next time try adding some to a homemade pesto or hamburger patties for a little extra flavour.

Quantity of seeds ~75
Planting Depth 6 mm
Plant height 50cm
Days to Maturity 45
Lifespan Perennial
Tips Scatter seeds and burry roughly 5mm in pots. Plants may take time to grow, before picking up growth at a rapid rate.

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