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The Family Farm

The Family Farm is the pinnacle of urban agriculture. With its' stylish and robust metal frame, water aeration pumps, water level indicators and powerful LED lights - you'll be growing your favourite food in no time! Grow 72 plants at once and experience massive yields of refreshing fresh food grown at home in all light conditions within weeks. 

What does it grow in?

Water! The plants are held together in rockwool - which is the product of a rock that has been heated and spun like fairy floss. Rockwool provides uniform oxygenation for a plant's roots, as well as a stable medium for the plant to be secured by. Once the roots grow out of the rock wool, they simply float in the water and grow! As a result, you get soil-free growth that makes this product perfect for homes, cafes, restaurants, and offices!

This Family Farm has 72 of these Rockwool growing pods! So you can grow a variety of your favourite herbs and veggies.

Why you'll love it!

Plants grown in The Family Farm float directly in the water that they grow in, this results in high water efficiency - reducing the amount of maintenance that the system needs! When its time to refill water, the Family Farm will beep - but don't worry, you'll only need to refill on average once every 2-3 weeks.

Our Hydroponic nutrients and full spectrum LED grow lights provide your plants with the perfect nutrient balance and light exposure that they need to grow. This means you will experience higher yields and faster growth as your plants do not need to expend energy growing their root system in search of nutrients.

Furthermore, you can grow food indoors, reducing the distance food travels to get to you - resulting in a fresher meal on your table, fewer emissions from food miles, and fewer plants subjugated to life in the back of a fridge!


  • High-performance full spectrum SMD LED grow lights.
  • Electronic water level indicators that will indicate which module needs to be re-filled with water.
  • 6x Built-in pumps that provide aeration and nutrient circulation for the roots of your plant
  • 6 x 7 Litre water reservoirs that let you grow and grow and grow before you need to re-water your plants.
  • 12H on/12H off timer control
  • 158 W power demand at maximum capacity (pumps and lights both operating simultaneously)
  • 72 x Net cups and Rockwool cubes
  • 4 x castor wheels
  • Robust and durable metal frame.
  • Easy to set up and comes with set up instructions
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant zinc-coated steel screws.
  • Modern Aesthetic.
  • Power Supply: AC to 24V DC Power adapter (Australian Outlet)

Product Dimensions

L: 38 cm, W: 65 cm, H: 123 cm

Product Weight 37 kg

Comes with instructions. Refill each module with 2 scoops of nutrient powder with each refill.

Note: Product does not come with grown plants as seen in the picture above. Seeds and Nutrients not sold with international shipments. Some assembly required. Rockwool cubes are provided with the product and additional cubes can be bought here if you need them in the future.

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