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Hydroponic EduKit

$49.99 AUD


The EduKit contains everything you need to teach your kids how to grow food from the comfort of their own living room! It breaks down the factors of plant growth and embraces the benefits of hydroponic technology to provide a physical tool to supplement your children's education. 

How does it work?

Plants need a few things to grow; energy from light, nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, and adequate temperature and humidity. The EduKit provides a basin in which plant seeds can germinate before expanding their roots into a pool of hydroponic nutrient water that is perfectly formulated for plant growth - allowing the plants to grow without soil! 

Why grow hydroponically?

Hydroponics allows you to grow food indoors, and control a wide range of factors that contribute to plant growth. As a result, these kits act as an incredible conduit for teaching kids how to grow food and think critically. 

Hydroponics grows food using 90% less water and 60% less space than conventional agriculture - often achieving better yields in the process. It provides better root aeration, an optimally formulated nutrient solution, and consistent water supply to result in the best possible plant growth.

What's in the box?

  • 1x 5.5L EduKit Growth Basin and lid
  • 6x Net cups
  • 12x Rockwool cubes
  • 1x Water Aeration Pump
  • 1x Small Nutrient Jar
  • 1x Instruction manual and Experiment book

So what does it grow in?

The seeds grow in small Rockwool cubes before their roots grow out and sit in the basin of oxygenated nutrient water. This means that the water solution brings nutrients to your plant roots, rather than forcing them to grow in search of nutrients and water as they would in soil. The result is quick and healthy plant growth!

Why you will love it!

This EduKit is the perfect way to get introduced to hydroponics! This simplified setup is the ideal way to learn about plant growth as well as hydroponic technology as it allows you to break down the individual aspects that impact healthy growth.

Not only is it a great hands-on way to learn, but you will also end up with fresh herbs and vegetables at the end of it!

Your EduKit has a deep basin and air-pump, making it super water-efficient, only needing to be refilled every three weeks on average! And don't worry about forgetting to water it, your EduKit has a water level indicator that will let you know when it's thirsty - meaning you won't find any limp plants that haven't been watered.


Dimensions: Height = 14cm, Length = 28cm, Width = 19cm, Volume = 5.5L

Seeds: You can grow most plants with this kit, but starting out we recommend trying Coriander, Basil, Parsley, Lovage, or Spinach (or any other leafy green!).

Nutrients: You need to add 2 grams of nutrients (or one of the nutrient scoops we have provided) every time you refill once the plants germinate. This usually equates to once a month in the early stages of plant growth and can speed up to an average of once every 2 weeks (depending on the type of plant, size of the plant, and ambient temperature/humidity).

Note: This product does not come with grown plants as seen in the picture above. Seeds and power adaptor are not included in this product.