Hydroponic Nutrients - Fruiting

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Hydroponic nutrients provide a complete nutrient profile that contains all of the micro and macronutrients that plants need to grow. The fertilisers that you would get at a gardening store for regular soil-based plants only contain the macronutrients. This means that they would give the soil a boost but fall short of being able to grow a plant on its own.




These hydroponic nutrients are for use in the late stages of plant growth to promote flowering and fruit growth. Start using this when your plant first begins to flower. Replace growth nutrients with these when your plants begin to flower. 

Keep in mind that not all plants will require these nutrients. Leafy greens, herbs, and sprouts will NOT require these nutrients. Plants like tomatoes, chilies, and strawberries WILL.


The nutrient profile of the hydroponic nutrients can be seen in the graph below. As can be seen, growth nutrients contain higher levels of nitrogen - which is required for leaf and stem growth - compared to fruiting nutrients that contain higher levels of phosphate.

Hydroponic Nutrients Composition Profile Urban Plant Growers
Note: Depending on the type of smart garden you have purchased, you may have to use more or less nutrients. Details are found in the product instruction manual.