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Red/Blue LED Grow Light

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USB Grow Light Extender
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Breezy Gro, easy grow is the way to go! Our red/blue grow light is the perfect addition to your home, providing that little extra bit of light that your plants need to thrive.

Whether you live in a dark space or you are struggling to get that extra light during the winter months, out Red/Blue Grow Light will solve all your problems.

The great thing is that the lights themselves are flexible so they can be moved around to face different ways where needed.

Get your plants a Grow Light. You won’t regret it!

Why you will love it!
How It Works

This indoor Grow light uses Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that emit light primarily in the blue and red wavelengths. These segments of the light spectrum are crucial in aiding a plant's growth. The blue light stimulates the formation of chlorophyll (crucial in the process of plant photosynthesis which aids healthy leaf and stem growth), and red light promotes germination, root growth, and bulb development. The outcome is an efficient light that provides only the wavelengths that your plant needs to grow! For more details on how they work flick to the FAQ tab of this page.

hydroponic grow light spectrum graph


  • The light tube itself: 27cm
  • Adjustable neck: 39cm
  • Power cord: 155cm
  • Clip can open comfortably to 6cm but can reach up to 3inches/7.5cm

Included Parts

  • 1 x LED grow light (EasyGro = 2x light tubes or BreezyGro = 3x light tubes)
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Wall socket adaptor
  • 1 x Users manual
  • Integrated controller
  • Note: Light does not come with plants or pot

EasyGro BreezyGro
Number of Light Heads 2 3
Input Voltage 5V 5V
Rated Power 8.5W
Monthly Energy Cost* ~ $ 0.78

* Assumes 12 hours per day, with average Australian Electricity prices of $0.25/kWh

~ $ 0.91

* Assumes 12 hours per day, with average Australian Electricity prices of $0.25/kWh

Blue Light Wavelength 460-470 nm 460-470 nm
Red Light Wavelength 620-630 nm 620-630 nm
Lifetime 50,000 hours (5 years of continuous use) 50,000 hours (5 years of continuous use)
Setup Video

Setting up your grow light

Setting up your grow light is a breeze! It comes fully assembled, so all you need to do is clip it onto a table, shelf or other surface, and arrange the lights over your plants.

Positioning your grow light

Ensure the light stays at least 10cm from any leaves (so as to not burn the leaves).
  • Adjust the timer to suit your plant's needs
    • 12hrs for plants in spaces with low light levels
    • 9hrs for spaces which receive indirect natural light
    • 3hrs for plants in high natural light environments).
  • Also consider the natural environment of the plant you are growing - indoor plants may not need much supplementary light, whereas something like basil will need a lot.
  • Adjust light brightness; we suggest starting on a dim setting and building up to the brightest setting, this will allow your plants time to adjust. If you see your leaves "burning" or browning, reduce the light intensity.
Check out the video below for our walk through on how to setup your growlight!

Are these lights suitable for soil plants too?

Yes! Our lights simply imitate the wavelength of light that plants need to grow. That means you can use this for your hydroponics, aquaponics, or soil grown gardening project!

Can I use Australian Power outlets?

Yes! All of our grow lights have Australian style plugs and are RCM certified.

Does the light produce UV light?

Our grow lights use LED bulbs that emit a very small amount of UV light. Don’t panic though, the UV output is even less than most household bulbs and it definitely isn’t enough to harm your plants in any way.

How are grow lights different to normal lights?

The short answer is that grow lights are optimised to emit the wavelengths of light that plants need to grow. For the full answer our FAQ article on the difference between normal light and grow lights may be useful!

What's the best way to measure the effectiveness of a grow light?

Grow lights are different to normal household light bulbs as they emit the wavelength of light that plants need to grow - measured on the PAR scale (mroe detail below). By comparison most household lights are optimised for the visible light spectrum. To understand grow light measurement you first need to know the difference between the main measurements:
  • Lumens - Spectrum of light that fits in the wavelength that the human eye can see.
  • Watts - purely a measure of energy consumption.
  • Kelvin - measure of "temperature" of light for example blueish or reddish light
  • PAR - Photosynthetic active radiation, the wavelength of light that plants need to grow.
  • PPFD - Photon Photosynthetic flux density, or the intensity of light produced in the spectrum required for plant growth.

What's the main differece between the full spectrum and purple grow lights?

These grow lights have a range of features so this is quite a long answer, for more details please see our FAQ article on the difference between our full spectrum and purple LED grow lights.

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    Urban Plant Growers Red/Blue LED Grow Light Review

    Converted LED Skeptic

    I was initially a skeptic of LED Lights vs ☀️ Sunshine to grow � plants but must admit they work… I have sowed seedlings � in the Sun, Wet Paper container in the dark and finally the LED Lights… U can see the growth under LED’s and they were stronger & taller compared to Dark space trial, although they will never match Mother Nature… Can also be utilised for Mood Lighting, well worth the investment..

    Ray S.
    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers Red/Blue LED Grow Light Review


    Easy to move. Easy to fix onto things; shelves and side tables. Perfect timing as the last 9 thousand days of rain have wreaked havoc on my Indoorables. Lost a few to the dank before I got the light. New life!! Will come back for another.

    Vanessa R.
    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers Red/Blue LED Grow Light Review

    Red/Blue LED Grow Light

    Easy to set up. Plants live it.

    Anna K.
    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers Red/Blue LED Grow Light Review

    LED Grow Lights

    I have used my grow lights to extend my kitchen farm and my plants LOVE it! I will be purchasing more as my garden grows. I also have house plants around my UPG system who benefit from the lights, nutrients and extra love in that area of the house.

    Marija H.
    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers Red/Blue LED Grow Light Review

    No regrets

    Things I like: 1) with the timer function I don’t have to switch them on and off each day, set and forget. Pretty solid build, the arms are nice and stiff. 2) looks cool when switched on, but not intrusive when not switched on. 3) my tiny seedlings are no longer getting leggy from reaching for the natural light. 1 unit does 3 trays.

    Dieter B.
    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers Red/Blue LED Grow Light Review

    4 hours

    My plants can't get the morning sun and the "4h" setting makes it easy for them and me to get what we need, peace

    william c.
    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers Red/Blue LED Grow Light Review

    Happy with my purchase

    First time buyer, I am still familiarising my self with the lighting options My plants are looking good…so far so good …looking to purchase a second …

    Miri R.
    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers Red/Blue LED Grow Light Review

    Review after 2months

    Easy to set up, the timer is functional, and plants are thriving! I used it mainly for my three pots of pink princess philodendrons. They appear to be growing more vigorous with good variegations (although it is a lot warmer now). In particular to one pot, the plant initially dropped its only pink leaf three months ago and the new leaves were 99% green. I was afraid it may revert back to green forever, that’s why I’ve decided to get a grow light. After two months of using the grow light, this pot has just put out a new leaf with a nice patch of pink variegation. I’m very happy with the result. Just keep in mind to use the lowest brightness at the start in case you may burn the leaves.

    Stella H.
    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers Red/Blue LED Grow Light Review


    You.need to include information about distance in relation to various plants. Most plants won’t show signs of light stress for a few weeks and then it’s too late sometimes. Just an approximate would have been good.

    Linda B.
    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers Red/Blue LED Grow Light Review


    Shipping was so fast, and I'm so happy with the lights. They're really easy to set up and my plants are loving the attention - so many new leaves! Highly recommened and will be getting more

    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers Red/Blue LED Grow Light Review

    Happy⭐️ Kitchen ⭐️ Plants

    Fast delivery when everything is taking 14 times as long to get to where it needs to get to. Fool proof even for me. Instantly usable without reading instructions- my pet hate . Plants are luva-luva and lastly and certainly not leastly- damn good price. I think I might just get one for the Bathroom beauties. Lay that sugar on me Daddy

    Marilena H.
    Australia Australia

    Red/blue led grow light

    This is the second of the Urban Plant Grower grow lights I have bought. I bought it to enable me to grow indoor plants in areas of the house where ordinarily it would be too dark to. These lights are great. You have the ability to select light colour type (red, blue, red/blue) depending on what your purpose it and how many lights you want used. The flexible arms means you can direct the light to where it is needed. Theres an automatic timer for 3/6/12hrs, which means I dont have to remember to turn it on each day.

    SARAH C.