VIP Subscriptions

$50.00 AUD

Welcome to our VIP (Very Important Planters) subscription! Here we will offer you everything to keep your EcoKitchen or Terragarden up and running all year round. 

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The change of season is a very exciting time for us growers. So when you subscribe to our VIP program you will receive a special little package in Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Valued at over $70, each pack will include: 

  • 4 different types of new seeds to try. Including a fruit or vegetable, a herb, a leafy green and a native Australian seed. 
  • An information card for each of the seeds
  • A planting card for your system 
  • An XL nutrients 
  • 12 rockwool cubes 
  • Unique Urban Plant Growers stickers 
  • Plus a gift surprise for your first order!

While we are confident you are going to love our subscription, please note it is free to cancel at any time. There are no lock-in contracts.


We want to make sure that when you place your order you will have enough time to see your seeds grow in that season. Please see below the timetable for what seasonal package you will be sent based on when you place your order.  

Order Date  Seasonal Package Sent 
1st February - 31st April  Autumn Subscription 
1st May - 31st July Winter Subscription 
1st August - 31st October Spring Subscription 
1st November - 31st January  Summer Subscription