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  • The sleek Indoor smart garden from Sydney-based Urban Plant Growers does something pretty impressive: It grows herbs and veggies without soil. It even beeps and flashes when it needs water.

    It grows plants in any light conditions and simply plugs into the wall. After planting seeds, adding water and then clipping the light into place, all would-be home gardeners have to do is wait to be prompted to add more water and nutrients. Then, enjoy the harvest!


  • I’ve had my smart garden for over a year and will never stop loving being able to grow my own food! The basil went crazy I had to start giving it to friends! I also follow the Instagram page and love how committed these guys are to reducing food miles. Great company run by some great people.

    Natasha purchased an Indoor Smart Garden
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  • Every plant or seed I have put under this lamp has benefited! I've grown multiple veggies and flowers from seeds under it and it's worked perfectly! Very good quality.

    Jessica loves her BreezyGro LED Light
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  • I've bought three plant growing lights from Urban Plant Growers. Great service, products arrived in great condition and were easy to set up. Had them going for a few months now and I have seen a noticeable difference in a number of my plants.

    Emily - proud owner of a BreezyGro LED light
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